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Akeley Regional Community Center
Serving the People of the Akeley Area

Akeley Regional Community Center is a nonprofit organization 501C3

What ARCC Goals and Values Are:
We desire to impact our community and region through personal development by mentoring and training, thereby empowering citizens and families to provide leadership in all areas, for today and tomorrow.
We believe character must precede career.
Developing personal character must be a priority for a strong community.
Common Sense Revisited.
Strong Families and solid personal relationships are a time tested design for building good character traits like: honesty, hard work, steadfastness, service, integrity, courage, tenacity, and citizenship.
Setting the Pace.
We believe character and holistic practical life skills will be reproduced from one individual to another, from one family to another, from one town to another, from one generation to another, resulting in strong citizens and community.
The Local Process
Good stuff like this can and does happen when mature people and families care enough to share their gifts, skills, and resources with others. The action in the City of Akeley area is this community center; located in the center of this needy but awakening town.

Immediate Needs
Repairing the Roof
Help with Heating Costs
Getting a Janitorial staff & Maintenance staff
More chairs for seating
Volunteers for the clothing store
Volunteers for cleaning & restoring rooms
Persistent Volunteers to help with fundraising
Help developing a Web Site
Help developing and continuing a news letter

Functions We Would Like to Add to Benifit the Community
Low Cost Elderly Housing has been pretty much put on hold because of the awesome cost of the project.
In order to have this housing available for the elderly, the entire middle and top floors of the historic building must be renovated to accommodate such purposes.
Tear down walls and build one bedroom apartments with new flooring, windows, plumbing, etc.
Get furnishings for some furnished apartments?

Heartland Area Youth Activity Center
The things that have been tried so far have not been very successful. A person dedicated to the youth of the area is needed to work with a program like this.

A teen center for youth of varied ages to come and enjoy many different games and activities while under supervision. You can rest easy knowing it’s a drug free environment!

Cooperation and assistance from our area churches, volunteers.

Donated games and movies.

Restoring set locations in the buildings for the center.
Together organize 1 large event a month: motivational speakers, concerts, and misc. events.

Volunteers to help with all of the above.