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Akeley Regional Community Center
Serving the People of the Akeley Area

Akeley Regional Community Center is a nonprofit organization 501C3

About the Akeley Regional Community Center

In the winter of 2002 the Walker/Hackensack/Akeley school district requested bids for the purchase of the old Akeley school building. Chris Conger was awarded the bid for his unheard of bid of $3. There were other bids but they were to demolish the building or to make apartments or other things that would not have preserved the building as it was. The board determined that it was most important to maintain the building as a community center as Mr. Conger proposed.

On August 31, 2006, Mr. Conger signed over the ARCC to a 6-8 member board. The current board consists of Chairman - Larry Holm, Vice Chairman - Lori Muller, Vice Chairperson – Kenny Holm, Treasurer – Lori Muller, Clerk and members at large - Keith Andress and David Andress.

The whole complex is now incorporated as a non-profit organization and the building houses the Corner Clothing Store, the largest used book store in the area, the Corner Furniture/Misc. Store, the public library and the Paul Bunyan Archery Club. Public meeting rooms are available to rent or use depending on whether non-profit or for profit. The new gymnasium is also available for use. Right now it is used regularly by Home School children. There are also two apartments up and running and occupied.

The Corner Clothing store came into being in August of 2003 when Ruth Spicer endeavored to open a used clothing store that would both benefit the area by providing good used clothing and helping to pay the fuel bill at the ARCC. The first day’s sales totaled $13 and the largest days sale to date is $1400.00. Workers at the clothing store are unpaid volunteers, and seven part time paid workers. The Furniture Store was added in 2006. Any good, useable, workable, saleable, clean items may be donated and tax receipts are available.

Completed 3 sections of the roof.
Starting to renovate the 1908 2nd floor for future Womens Shelter.

Fund Raisers/Donations
Contributions are always welcome and needed at the ARCC for ongoing expenses, maintenance and improvements. At this time donations of articles to be sold at the Furniture/Misc. store are welcome as well as good, clean clothing to the Clothing store.